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Sherwood Classic burst
Surf blue Sherwood Classic Body
Sherwood Classic logo

Just imagine, taking a musical standard for over 70 years and inspiring an all new vision for a single cutaway bolt on neck electric guitar . That’s what the Sherwood Classic has done.  While remaining true to the vintage purest’s with our standard Vintage winds to keep that Country Twang alive or moving into the P90 or Humbucker territory, we offer you the tones you expect in a guitar for visionaries.

Features included on all Sherwood Classic

  • Redesigned pickguard
  • Body redesign with elegant lines
  • Upper bout accent
  • Gold leaf on headstock nosing
  • Laser neck plate

“It’s been said that if you park your car and dont look back while walking away, you’ve bought the wrong car!

When you set your Sherwood in its stand and walk away, I guarantee you’ll be compelled to look back and smile. Thats the power of classic design.”

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Exciting News!

Featured Artist

Roger Williamson
Roger being cool

Roger is no stranger to the TelecasterSeen here with his Hipshot B Bender,playing live as guitarist with the Johnny Cash Tribute band.

You can tell by the played hard and road worn look of that body and neck he knows what he’s doing.

Roger is a well known and well respected guitar teacher in the Grey/Bruce counties, teaching the likes of Owen Riegling a recently signed country artist. Now that’s saying something.

Roger is our newest Brand Endorser for Scheltema Boutique Guitars (SBG)

 Roger is receiving a Midnight Blue Sherwood Classic with maple neck and though the Sherwood is inspired by the  famous tele, it will still chime and twang like all the greats have past present & future.

Roger Williamson Guitar Player

Artists/working musicians- please check out our edorsement plans. Message for details

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The Uptown

This is our favourite. This is the romantic elegant Uptown . Many hours were put into the precision design and flare of this epic guitar. Many more hours are put into bulilding her. 40+ hrs. Thats dedication to perfection. Craftsmanship and precision makes the Uptown a high quality instrument. Precision artwork at it’s zenith.

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Uptown Model

The Randy Bachman F500

This semi-hollow bodied electric is a “work of art”. Not our words.

Created for players wanting to make a visual and tonal statement. A beautifully handcarved Spanich Cedar body and neck makes this piece outstanding. Holding onto a pair of NOS PAF 59 humbuckers for dear life this electric sings and sustains wonderfully.

There is no shame in this guitar, but confidence and wisdom.

Randy Bachman on Stage
Randy Bachman

The Downtown

A 1-3/8″ thick solid body with outer teardrop pearloid wings create this vintage retro look. I decided to add the Maestro Vibrola to create a very unique and fresh take on something old. Equipped with a pair of incredible PAF 59’s from MJS pickupsto ensure a Killer powerhouse of a guitar.

As one customer said, ”theses guitars play themselves”.

Elmira Vintage Guitar Show

the Uptown Ghost Bass

Uptown Ghost Bass

Welcome to the Uptown Ghost Bass in cooperation with Graphtech Guitar Labs. Based on the Uptown and with a few tweaks vwala we birthed a bass.

As you can attest these electric basses have a very strong vintage vibe while at the same time feeling fresh and new. I believe the choice of finish will dictate the final look.

These weigh in at 6 lbs of pure delight and are so balanced you can barely tell it’s a bass. Yet tonally they are badasss.

Uptown Bass

the Sherwood Classic

FlameTop Sherwood Classic
Surf Metallic Blue Sherwood Classic
White Wolf Sherwood Classic
Burst Sherwood Classic

Here is a sampling of a few Sherwood Classics. These are what many would call the slab body bolt on neck electric guitars. This isn’t to say they aren’t good, they are good, insanely good. These luxury electric boutique builds are given just as much attention as our elegant Uptown or F500.

We still maintain high standards in wood selection and pickups choices. Every stage of the master build is front and centre. What I mean is this, “we don’t take these guitars lightly”.  As you can see they make a very strong visual statement. That’s step number one. Tonal characteristics, overall weight and playability are never hush hushed. They are held as the hallmarks in a unique expression of the luthier and customer as they both journey in the making of a very individual and personal statement.