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“Your guitars are so beautiful! Vintage, classic, retro, they just have it all. I really love your headstocks, and that two tone surf, oh my gosh!! Really nice work!”

Introducing the F500

It’s not very often that you get an opportunity to build an exquisite piece of art that is also a singing instrument. Introducing the F500, a sleek, elegant & sexy guitar full of warmth, tone and curvy detail.

A dream guitar was created from Randy’s desire for a unique and inspiring guitar to match his life long passion for music.

Spanish cedar throughout makes this a 6 pound wonder. Full of sustain and character. The ’59 NOS Gibson humbuckers bring the beast out.

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Randy with William, receiving his F500 onstage at CasinoRama, Orillia, Ont August 2023

Past and present CB & SBG players

This is just a small sampling of our customers who own a custom built guitar from Wiliam Scheltema. Now as “Scheltema Boutique Guitars” we are excited to introduce and reintroduce you to our lineup of equisite guitars. Handwound pickups, hand selected fingerboards and bodies, each step of your dream build is given all the attention a world renowned boutique guitar deserves.

Just imagine, taking a musical standard for over 75 years and inspiring an all new vision for a single cutaway bolt on neck electric guitar. That’s what the Sherwood Classic has done.

While remaining true to the vintage purest’s with our standard vintage winds to keep the twang alive or moving into the P90 territory, we offer you the tones you expect in a guitar for visionaries.

Features included on all Sherwood Classic:

  • Redesigned pickguard
  • Body redesign with elegant lines
  • Upper bout accent
  • Gold leaf on headstock nosing
  • Laser neck plate

“It’s been said that if you park your car and dont look back while walking away, you’ve bought the wrong car!

When you set your Sherwood in its stand and walk away, I guarantee you’ll be compelled to look back and smile. Thats the power of classic design.”

The new line of ever growing Sherwood Classics

the Sherwood Classic Sunburst.

A flametop with Spanish Cedar chambered back makes this a stunning lightweight & resonant guitar. Sustain clocks in at 40+ seconds making her a powerful vocal performer. The widerange humbucker and the stacked tele bridge pickups are hand selected and wound to create a solid foundation of toner and clarity.


A beautiful expression in metallic blue. This Sherwood Classic is a summer hit! A rosewood/maple neck finished in light amber hand carved in a soft “C” shape with a 10″ radiused fingerboard and medium frets makes this build a dream to play.

The tone in the P90s is vintage with a clear airy shimmer. A great place to start when creating your sound. Make no mistake, when pushed these P90’s growl like you want them too, back away and they sweeten up putting a smile on your face.

Here are what you get in this “Luthiers Choice” build

  • Graphtech Ratio Tuners
  • Graphtech Tusq-XL nut
  • Plated brass saddles on a steel baseplate
  • High gloss Waterbased Poly
  • Custom handwound pickups
  • CTS potentiometers
  • Orange drop capacitors
  • Laser engraved neck plate
  • Two way truss rod

I call this the White Wolf.

A Spanish cedar body makes this a light resonant guitar.

This is another “Luthiers Choice” build which comes in a subtle flame maple neck with roserwood fingerboard. Pearloid dot inlays adds class to an already beautiful design. All Sherwood Classic headstock’s receive gold leaf trimming. This body is bound in white pearloid with a deep burnt sienna finish.

The stacked bridge and mini humbucker brings a solid sound forward. Capturing the true tele sound is a breeze and the mini hummer adds a sweet warmth making the decision on which pup to use a challenge. Its that good.

Here is what comes on this build:

  • Graphtech Ratio Tuners
  • Graphtech Tusq-XL nut
  • Gotoh brass saddle bridge
  • CTS pots
  • Prague orange drop capacitor
  • Custom handwound pickups
  • Laser engraved neck plate

The stunning flametop Sherwood Classic. Finished in burnt sienna and showing the beauty of her lines. A figured maple neck with a chunky ‘C’ with a 10″ radius and medium frets makes this one comfortable player.

Laundry Lust:

Big Singles by MJS Pickups
Graphtech Ratio tuners
Graphtech Tusq-XL nut
Pearl dot inlays
CTS pots
Switchcraft toggle switch
3 ply white pearloid pickguard
Nickel plated saddles with custom bridge plate.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when stepping out front with this or any other Sherwood Classic. The tone on this build is full of sweetness. It is as rich sounding as it is looking. 

This is a well blanced guitar that won’t weigh heavy on your shoulder but still carry sustain further than you’ll ever need.

Calling all Semi-Pro & Pro players

We offer a very handsome discount on all our models as part of our affiliate endorsement program, which include a 10% referral incentive back to you.


The Downtown

A 1-3/8″ thick solid body with outer teardrop pearloid wings create this vintage retro look. I decided to add the maestro vibrato to create a very unique and fresh take on something old. Equipped with a pair of incredible PAF 59’s from MJS pickups to ensure a powerhouse of a guitar.

As one customer said,”theses guitars play themselves”.

  • Rezomax Tuneomatic bridge
  • Graphtech Ratio open back tuners
  • Tusq-XL nut

The Famed F500

This semi-hollow bodied electric is a “work of art”. Not our words.

Created for players wanting to make a visual and tonal statement. I beautifully handcarved spanich cedar body and neck makes this piece outstanding. Holding onto a pair of NOS PAF 59 humbuckers for dear life this electric sings and sustains wonderfully. 

There is no shame in this guitar, but confidence and wisdom.

The Uptown

This is our favourite. This is the romantic elegant Uptown. Many hours were put into the design and flare of this epic guitar. Many more hours are put into bulilding her. 50+ hrs. Thats dedication to perfection.

The Uptown Ghost

The Uptown electric is not exclusive but carried over into the gorgeous Ghost Bass in cooperation with Graphtech.

A 6 lb wonder in the world of basses, suitable for every distinguished musician. The spanish cedar brings a tonality to the elegant curves of this instrument.

She is equipped with the Graphtech monobridge with peizo pickups mated to their Acoustiphonic Technology.

She is perfectly quiet and resonant.

A Strong Visual

The first impression is always the most important. The large diamond inlays convey strength, elegance and value. The fingerboard compliments the body design in a balanced ergonomic union.

Hand Carved Bodies

There is a joy when working with wood and creating a masterpiece. Each moment of the build process has a vision in mind and one of the most exciting steps is to create the unique dish carve in our Uptowns. This is a feature not seen in any other guitar design. This makes the Uptown standout like no other.

Solid Joint, Solid Tone

Special care is taken when making that ever crucial joint for the neck to sit snuggly in the body pocket. Time is taken to assure a proper neck angle to achieve the best string height across the pickups to bridge. From nut to bridge as it relates to tone must also include a solid neck joint. 

Spanish Cedar Beauty

The beauty of Spanish Cedar is one of the reasons we’ve selected this lovely wood species to build our boutique guitars. A light weight, strong and aromatic wood that carries a wonderful resonance. These guitars are perfectly balanced.

Fully Custom Pieces

With the Uptown, we knew we needed something very special. That meant designing our very own tailpieces, switch plates & truss rod covers. This makes for a very special one of a kind guitars. By taking control of the parts where we can we dictate the style and vibe of a guitar destined to become legend.

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“This has to be the best looking guitars I have ever seen! Just when you thought guitars could no longer be new and elegant… well done fellow Canuck!”

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