A brand new departure from one era into another. The Sherwood classic is at home on the country stage, bluesfests, rock auditoriums and studios alike.

Just imagine, taking a musical standard for over 75 years and inspiring an all new vision for a single cutaway bolt on neck electric guitar. That’s what the Sherwood Classic has done.

While remaining true to the vintage purest’s with our standard vintage winds to keep the twang alive or moving into the P90 territory, we offer you the tones you expect in a guitar for visionaries.

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Features included on all Sherwood Classic:

  • Personalized Signature on headstock
  • Redesigned pickguard
  • Body redesign with elegant lines
  • Upper bout accent
  • Brass etched accent on headstock nosing
  • Laser neck plate

“It’s been said that if you park your car and dont look back while walking away, you’ve bought the wrong car!

When you set your Sherwood in its stand and walk away, I guarantee you’ll be compelled to look back and smile. Thats the power of classic design.”

Personalized Signature

Headstock Signature

Brass upper bout cutout

Gold Accent

Laser engraved neck plate

Sherwood Classic neck plate

Laser etched brass accents

Headstock brass accent

Redesigned body shape

Redesigned body

Redesigned pick guard

Redesigned pickguard




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