Exciting Vintage Rebirth

The Uptown captures the vibe and class of a By-Gone Era in guitar building. Bringing forward the styling and lavish accents we come to love and expect to see in custom guitars.The Uptown is true vintage rebirth on a new level.

Each Uptown is built using the finest Spanish Cedar. We use this material for its lightweight, resonance and stiffness for necks to convey string energy from tuner to bridge. Each body is chambered to increase resonance and remove excess weight.

The dished wings are hand carved to perfection creating a unique visual statement. This is the only boutique electric guitar out there with this unique feature. We’re very proud of that! 

We have many pickup options as well. Choose from any Humbucker to Flitertron styles to dial in your tone. These guitars resonate beautifully. We use Graphtech open back ratio tuners as well as their Rezomax tuneomatic style bridges.

We call it the Lust List. It’s what makes our electric guitars stand out.

  • Graphtech Rezomax bridges
  • Graphtech Ratio open back tuners
  • Vintage wound pickups, P90’s, Filtertron’s, PAF59’s
  • Luscious deep gloss finishes
  • Ornate accents
3 walled Uptown's
Raw Uptown body