How it began

Ten years ago I was able to approach Randy Bachman about building him a guitar. As a custom guitar builder back then it was a dream to create something for a wellknown iconic Canadian musician. You can’t get any higher that Randy Bachman. He is legend and has given more than we realize to the history of music and also to guitars, having an enormous catalogue of vintage guitars.

It was Randy’s dream to have an F5 mandoling style guitar built with a 17″ wide body similair to the Gibson ES335. What you see above is what I came up with. A beautiful blend of style and union of multiple designs. The original design I created called for white Limbs as the chambered body for weight and balance, that scroll would add weight and throw off the balance. The top I selected was a flame maple carved top. A rosewood fingerboard with trapezoid inlays were the desired look.

This was where she sat ten years ago. Unfinished and alone. This was due to a series of unfortunate circumstances that let to an unlawful seizure of this fine guitar. Yet, the story doesn’t end there. Not at all.

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Where are we now?

It’s early spring of 2023 and I had no planes to build again but through a wonderful series of serendipities I find myself passionate once again to build. What better way to really sink my teeth into this new fresh start than with the amazing F500.

This will be approached a bit differently this time around. I will be using Spanish Cedar for both body and neck woods. The body will receive a chambered and carve. The top will also be given loving attention to detail with similar carve design.

The original F500 will ever be remembered in my heart as my desire to create something wonderful.

The fingerboard will still be rosewood but I will be designing a special tailpiece to commemorate the legend of Randy and his enormous contribution to the world.