Welcome to the VisionQuest Custom Guitar Experience

      This is where we transform your dreams into reality.

      Our unique and immersive process is designed to cater to the elite guitar collector and buyer who seeks nothing but the best.

      Embark on your very own VisionQuest and let us create a masterpiece that resonates with your musical soul.

          Dreamscape Exploration:

            1. a. Before we begin our journey, we will embark on a Dreamscape Exploration to delve deep into your musical aspirations and influences.
            2. b. In a comfortable and inspiring setting, we will discuss your favorite guitarists, their instruments, and the music that moves you.

          Journey Mapping:

            1. a. Together, we will map out the path to your dream guitar, focusing on the key elements that make it uniquely yours.
            2. b. We will explore various finishes, neck shapes, tonal qualities, neck radii, and other specifications that will elevate your instrument to new heights.
          Polishing Stage on a Burst Sherwood Classic

          VisionQuest Review:

            1. a. As we venture further into the heart of your dream guitar, we will review your choices and preferences, ensuring that your vision is precisely captured.
            2. b. We will delve into the details, covering body shape, material, hardware, electronics, and those special touches that define your unique instrument.

            Building Relationship

            As your trusted guide on this extraordinary adventure, we understand the deep bond between a musician and their instrument. Our mission is to forge this connection by crafting a masterpiece that not only embodies your unique spirit but also becomes an extension of your creativity and passion.

            By embarking on the VisionQuest Custom Guitar Experience, you are not just investing in a world-class instrument, but also in the unforgettable memories and emotions woven into every note you play. Together, we will create a timeless legacy that celebrates your love for music and the indelible mark you leave on the world through your artistry.

            Join us on this enchanting journey, and let us transform your dreams into reality, crafting a guitar that will forever resonate with your soul and elevate your musical expression to new heights.

            3 Uptown bodies in a row

            Investment Details and Progress Payments:

              1. a. In the spirit of transparency, we will discuss the investment required to bring your dream guitar to life, providing a detailed breakdown of costs.
              2. b. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, we will outline a convenient and flexible progress payment schedule tailored to your needs.
            3 Sherwood Classic Necks

            Journey Updates:

              1. a. Throughout your VisionQuest, we will provide you with regular updates on your custom guitar’s progress, including captivating images and videos that showcase the artistry and craftsmanship involved.
              2. b. Our commitment is to keep you engaged and informed, celebrating each milestone as your dream instrument comes to life.

            Luthier’s Workshop Updates:

              1. a. Our master luthiers will be at the heart of your VisionQuest, pouring their passion and expertise into every aspect of your guitar’s creation.
              2. b. Receive exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the luthier’s workshop, where you can witness the love and dedication poured into each detail of your masterpiece.

            The Moment of Harmony:

              1. a. The pinnacle of your VisionQuest is the awe-inspiring moment when your custom guitar is unveiled, a harmonious blend of artistry and passion that echoes your musical essence.
              2. b. As you hold your dream instrument for the first time, you’ll experience an unmatched sense of pride, accomplishment, and connection that transcends the ordinary and elevates your musical journey.